Dynamic Women? I don’t think most of us would put ourselves in that catagory. But I believe most women have some amazing gifts and insights that they can use for God, His church, and the world. And that is what this blog is about. Encouraging you, as I encourage myself, to be determined to serve God in the best way we can, however and wherever that may be.

We live in an amazing time! We can choose to use our gifts of leadership in so many places. We can further our education without anyone telling us we can’t! I am so proud: All three of my daughters have their bachelor’s degrees and they are all doing things for God.

And guess what? Being a mom is an EXTREMELY important leadership position. The most important. So, I am going to encourage you to use your gifts while you put God and your family first. I believe in you that much. And I believe Jesus will use you.

So, to begin with, think about YOUR circle of influence. It might be your husband and kids and neighbors. It might be your family and your small group and the teens you lead at church. Or your coworkers and your friends at the gym. Think about your direct influence. God put you in those people’s lives for a reason. Now, start praying about how He might want to use you this week to touch and bless their lives.

Maybe it will be to give your kids some focused attention instead of being on your phone with email, twitter, or Facebook. (We’re all guilty, right?) Maybe it is to go on a date night with your husband so he feels like a priority. Or maybe it is to bless someone hurting with a “Thinking of You” note or some brownies. It doesn’t have to be huge but just be a blessing to someone this next week. Being a blessing makes you dynamic (Definition: a driving force!).

Anything I write to you, will be me talking to myself as well. I need to do this as well –that is why I am beginning this blog! To encourage my circle of influence!

Your attitude and heart will be so much healthier and happier if you quit focusing so much on yourself and your discontentment so much, and to begin to think of others. You are an amazing woman and God will start to use you right where you are. Let’s determine to be Dynamic women who lead and love like Jesus–Right where we are.

In Christ,
Dynamic and Determined Denise