Building Strong Families--An interview with Rozanne Frazee

In today’s podcast, Denise interviews Rozanne Frazee about building strong families. This is a podcast no mama wants to miss! Rozanne shares a timeless secret their family adopted and are sharing with you. Rozanne is a mother, grandmother, author of Real Simplicity, and pastor’s wife to Randy Frazee, who co-wrote “The Story.” They minister together at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, Kansas in the Kansas City area.

Teaching Young Children About God--An Interview with Denise's Oldest Daughter Rachel Harris!

On today’s podcast, Denise interviews her oldest daughter, Rachel Harris, about teaching young children about God. Rachel not only grew up loving and serving Jesus but she now has two children (and another on the way) of her own. Rachel, after working in a church in Nashville, made a career change to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. She and her British husband, Ash, live in Nashville, and their story of how God brought Ash to Christ and them together after Rachel’s overseas campus ministry work, is one God could only have conducted Himself!

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WOMENTUM: Help with having a Quiet Time (Interview with Patti Vernon)

In this podcast, Denise interview's her own sister-in-law, Patti Vernon, encouraging us Jesus-followers and leaders with our own Quiet times with God.  Patti's own experience and advice might be life-changing and motivating for your own faith journey.  Patti is a Pastor's wife, mother, teacher, grandmother, and lover of Jesus.

Successful Parenting in Ministry

Denise and her husband, Tim Harlow, were interviewed by Seth Hurd for one of Chicago's Christian radio stations SHINE fm "Stronger Together" podcast about their parenting as they have served at Parkview Christian Church.  Parenting has always been a priority to them and very intentional, no matter if the church was small or as it became the megachurch it is today.  Tim and Denise have raised three adult daughters who are all now married, are Jesus-loving women, and are serving in their own churches all over the country.

Interview with "Leading & Loving It" ministry, Lori Wilhite

Denise interviews "Leading & Loving it" ministry founder Lori Wilhite.  Lori shares her own journey & how she gave herself permission to be herself especially in the role of the pastor's wife.  Lori and her husband, Jud, minister to Central Church in Las Vegas, winning hundreds of souls to Christ.  Check out "Leading & Loving It" Here

WOMENTUM: Talking with Liz Curtis Higgs about Keeping your Heart Centered

In today's podcast, Denise and Lauren interview Liz Curtis Higgs, famous author and hilarious speaker, about keeping your heart centered on Christ while ministering to hundreds of other people.  Liz is the author of 36 books with 4.6 million copies in print, including her bestsellers, Bad Girls of the Bible, The Girl's Still Got It, and It's Good to Be Queen. Liz has spoken for Women of Faith, Extraordinary Women, Women of Joy, and 1,700 other conferences in all 50 states and 15 foreign countries.  You can find Liz's website here

Finding Your Personal Ministry Calling: An Interview with Lisa Jernigan

Denise and Lauren (and Olivia) interview Lisa Jernigan, who ministers alongside her husband, Cal, at Central Christian Church in Phoenix, AZ.  Lisa has found her own personal ministry callings in two different ways in two different times in her life.  She created and founded the ministry called Girlfriendit alongside Patty Wyatt, later selling it to a Publisher.  She is now a Global Peace Advocate as a Jesus follower leading peace trips for women. 

You can follow Lisa on Twitter and Facebook.   You can reach Lisa via email at